Friday, August 10, 2007

I Pause for Directions

One more Direction Show successfully completed!
Here is Daisy in the city, ready to help me set up my booth.

and showing off our hard work!

I met a lot of interesting people, and have some serious follow up work to do.
I enjoyed spending time with the artist, N'Ketiah, and getting to know him a little better.

After the first day, I walked from the train to the town pool. I saw this dumpster on the way. Gary says I must really love trash if I take pictures of trash receptacles.My kids gave me a big welcome and went back to swimming.
It's really good for me to have a taste of Gary's commute into the city. On the way home on Tuesday, the train I was trying to catch wasn't announced until 10 minutes after it was supposed to be loaded. I ran with the herd and didn't get a seat. On Wednesday, the train was 20 minutes late due to the rain that flooded the city. I thought that was bad until I heard everyone else's stories about walking blocks and blocks with crowds of people or of being stuck on a bus in the Holland Tunnel for three hours. I walked a few blocks in my husband's shoes (and it was fun cuz it was different from my shoes)!