Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lipstick on a Middle-Aged Mother Artist

Driving in my car, i heard Elizabeth Hurley on the radio talking about how i could get lipstick and a bag FREE with a purchase of $27.50 and for "just a little bit more" (another $27.50 to be exact) i could get even more FREE lipstick! I didn't exactly do a U-turn, but I did head over to the mall the next day. I examined the colors, but I wasn't thrilled with the bag and didn't see any use for it. I tried on some perfume and tried to decide what my purchase would be -- maybe some lipstick to get the free lipstick. Luckily, my daughter wanted to hurry on over to Build-a-Bear to think about a birthday bear for herself, so i tore myself away, promising to come back.

A few stores later and I stopped in my tracks. What? why did I want lipstick so much? I already have some I don't use very often and i can always pick up a few tubes in the drug store, what was going on? (I bet you know where this is going)!

I wanted lipstick so much cuz I have been hearing the word so often in the media! Talk about impressionable minds. Sheesh!

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Nancy Tobin said...

I hadn't realized that you have a website and a blog as well. Are you still doing the Directions shows? I want to go sometime, but life keeps getting in the way.
Your new web site is darling!