Monday, January 28, 2008

I don't believe in Psychics, but...

On Saturday, I was at this Mindful Living Community Holistic Health and Wellness Fair in Maplewood and there was a psychic giving readings for $1.
I chose to have my tarot cards read over a palm reading, cut the deck and heard the following:
I enjoy my role as a mother, and I especially enjoy my role as a wife. The man i am with is the one I will always be with, she sees no other man coming into my life. I will live to be 88 or 89 years old. Then, the best part! She saw lot's of money and success with my career!
She said it had been slow for a few years as i focussed on my family but this spring and summer the money and success would come rolling in. She pointed at Daisy and said, "She is highly creative and she will give you a lot of ideas. She will be a big part of your success."
That was just what i was hoping to hear when i plunked down my dollar!

When I told my sister she started whooping and hollaring like i had the cash in my hand, then my parents called back on a conference call wanting the details of the session and congratulating me. Can you tell my family puts a little more stock in psychics than i do?

I've been working on my signature (i guess almost a logo type thing). I have almost filled up a whole pad of paper with my name. Gary was trying to do a Shelly Duvall imitation where she discovers that Jack has just been typing "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" over and over and over for thousands of pages. He really does love to make fun of me. But that's okay, he's stuck with me for the rest of our lives (and mine will be a long one, don't know about him) and i'm going to be rich!

Monday, January 21, 2008

State of the City Dress

Usually, I see some really outrageous outfits while sitting in my booth at the Direction Show. Think Ab Fab. Think people who may have had a real style going on 30 years ago but are still wearing that style 30 lbs heavier and with a lot more wrinkles. Think people trying too hard. This show was pretty boring in the fashion department. If i saw one pair of black jeans tucked into black boots with a low heel, I saw 952 pairs. At first I was thinking, "I have to walk out of here and buy myself some boots like that!"
Then I was feeling like I was watching an army of stormtroopers walk past, and I wasn't sure I wanted to join the parade.
Okay, I admit it, I still want some black boots.
The other part of the outfit was a very blousy, almost spring like, long top, or a tighter fitting skirt or sweater that looked like either a very short skirt or a very long top. There were no butts showing.
I only saw about 3 pairs of Ugg boots. Are they on their way out?